September No Plane, No Gain News

Did you know? 

Business Aviation Increases Efficiency

Business aviation is a productivity tool used by thousands of companies and organizations of all sizes. These forward-thinking groups utilize business aircraft to minimize travel time; enhance the efficiency, productivity, safety and security of key personnel; and remain nimble, competitive and successful in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

New Video Highlights Business Aviation Value

Business aviation plays a vital role for citizens, companies and communities across the U.S. Business aviation also provides a critical transportation lifeline to thousands of communities throughout the country that have little or no airline service. A new video series – soon to air at FBOs in more than 75 cities – is available to see and download for use.

Magellan Jets Knows Business Aviation Works 

An article published by Magellan Jets demonstrates the critical need for business aircraft, citing NBAA statistics on employee productivity. ‘While executives are productive 30 percent of the time while on a commercial carrier, they are found to be productive about 80 percent of the time they are traveling on a company aircraft,’ per report from the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA).

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