Aircraft Market Evaluations

A business aircraft is a significant capital asset that must be managed according to the most accurate market data available. Sales employs the insights of its own in-house market researchers as well as outside financial experts and economists in order to advise our clients. We take a highly strategic approach to the costs and benefits of private aircraft ownership.’s team of market analysts is among the most respected in business aviation. Not only do we consult with leading financial institutions and industry analysts, they also seek out our advice because of our unique global perspective. Our analysts are invited to speak and write on a wide range of topics in the industry.

To be an client is to be an informed, empowered buyer or seller.

Because transacts business on six continents, including the emerging markets in Russia, Asia, South America and Africa, we are able to bring a global perspective to the real values of new and pre-owned jets from all manufacturers including Boeing, Gulfstream, Bombardier, Cessna, Dassault Falcon and Hawker Beechcraft. That means our clients are armed with the best information and the most accurate data at the negotiating table. helps clients look at the big picture of what their aircraft is worth today, but more importantly, what its value will be in the months and years ahead. Our close relationships with the major OEMs enable us to anticipate new developments that could impact the market, both positively and negatively relative to a given aircraft type.

What’s your aircraft worth?

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